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About Me

I am a certified Angel teacher appointed by Charles Virtue. I was fortunate to have attended his Angel Teacher Workshop in May 2015 and I look forward to passing on his teachings in an easy to follow manner, accessible to all ages and one that can be easily incorporated into our hectic everyday life.

How did I find myself involved in Angel therapy and running Angel courses?

I was psychic as a child and I used to see and hear things but it lessened as I became a teenager. I talked to Angels and asked for guidance but did not see or hear my Angels at this time. I had a strong intuition which, if I followed it, this proved to be the right decision. I did not realise at the time that I was actually connecting with my Angels and they were guiding me through my gut instinct. I then got caught up with growing up and did not give my spiritual path a second thought.

My background originally started in banking and progressed to sales and marketing, all very corporate and materialistic! What changed? I married, had a baby and soon afterwards divorced and at the same time was made redundant from my well paid job. I started to look at life differently, what was important and how to lead a more simplistic life, initially out of necessity rather than choice! I found myself enjoying a richer life, appreciating my daughter and my new relationship (now my husband) and being grateful for everything that I did have rather than focusing on what I didn’t possess.
As I found myself more content with life I felt that I wanted to give back to other women who found themselves in a similar difficult situation, by teaching them how to increase their confidence and raise self-esteem and help them to find themselves again . I held workshops and weekend retreats and then synchronicity and life’s events led me to further my career and become a teacher.

I qualified as a teacher in May 2011 and as a mature student, was helped all the way by divine intervention, the right people turning up at the right time when I struggled or doubted myself as it was several years since I had seriously studied. I have had various roles within a Secondary school from teaching Life Skills, confidence and self- esteem lessons including anger management sessions. I have worked with disengaged teenagers and have been attached to the Learning Support Department dealing with ASC and ADHD.

My personal and spiritual development started with an interest in Native American Shamanism and progressed to Reiki and then I became a Reiki Master in November 2013 which complemented my earlier Remedial Massage therapy training which I undertook in my twenties. I then practised both the massage and Reiki and reduced my school hours accordingly to develop my therapies. The Reiki opened me up spiritually and I knew without any doubt whatsoever that my destiny lay in Angel therapy, but I was not sure how to progress. I then looked for courses to increase my knowledge and was led to Doreen Virtue’s web site and then directed to her son Charles’ site who had taken over the Angel training courses including the certified Angel Teacher accredited course at London College of Psychic Studies. My additional courses are Charles Virtue Archangel Life Coaching (ALC)
Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Angel Card Reader Course
I am currently doing a Level 2 Counselling course.

I am now guided to help others connect with their own Angels and understanding their inspirational messages to bring comfort and support whenever it is needed, all you have to do is ask.