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I went on Julie’s training out of curiosity. I liked the thought of angels but didn’t know very much about the subject . The day was amazing Julie helped the group form easily with her joy of life and her passion for her subject . The training was detailed, humorous and delivered with great enthusiasm . To my surprise I was all reading angel cards by the afternoon .

I cannot thank Julie enough . What I thought was a bit of fun has actually changed my life . Just knowing I can ask the cards for some external support is really empowering . I would encourage everyone to go on this fun uplifting training .

Happy regards


Julie has worked with me on both a personal and professional level. She inspired me to further open my heart and trust and connect to my higher self, using the context of Angels.  I feel she is able to takes the mystery out of Angel therapy and makes it fully accessible to those who are interested but perhaps dubious about the benefits. The examples she gives of her experience with Angels and how she came to train are genuinely inspiring. A wonderful therapist.